The Sticker Family

 Hi I’m Marcela, mum of a beautiful little boy and founder of Sticker Planet. I created Sticker Planet a monthly sticker subscription for kids with the idea of having fun as a family and to create more happy memories in the childhood of our kids. That’s why Sticker Planet is a company that delivers to your mailbox fantastic stickers that will surprise and delight your kids.

   Way before I became a mum I had a career in marketing, but now as a mum, those long working hours away from my son were heart breaking, so my husband and I decided that one of us needed to stay home and look after our baby, and that is how Sticker Planet started!

   Sticker Planet is a Mum to Mum Company, and you will love to see how your child is going to have this awesome feeling that there's something in the mailbox waiting for him or her to collect, and then see the packing with cool designs and finally open the pack and go crazy about what's inside…Stickers!! A lot of fun Stickers!!.

Welcome to our Sticker Planet Community, I hope you can Join us, I know your kid will love it!!