What's Inside?

See what's inside your Sticker Planet Pack

 Our Sticker Club is full of fantastic stickers.

 - 10 unique sheets of stickers, in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.  And they are different every month.

- Large activity mat, perfect for colour it or using with stickers. Each month with a special design for the little ones.

- 2 cute postcards to decorate and send to friends.

- 3 crafty papers to let go their imagination.

- Unique handmade goody.

- Special template for more fun. 

And kids can do all on their own!


Need more reasons to sign up?

- Australia Sticker Club is a fun monthly Sticker Subscription for kids. We deliver fantastic stickers so children can play and create more happy memories. 

- Sticker Planet products are designed to delight boys and girls. 

- Our sticker club members are all ages, but generally, children ages 3-10 are perfect for  Classic Pack and totally child friendly in terms of packaging, themes and ease of use. 

- Kids loves getting mail, it’s a reminder of how special they are. Knowing that someone send them something fun, makes them feel important.

- Every month it’s different: Colours, textures, puffy, sparkly, it’s always cool & fun.

-Our special design make it perfect for any situation: Car trips, restaurants, waiting for the doctor, airplanes, you name it.